What are thyroid disorders

Having a thyroid disorder can affect all aspects of your life. The thyroid gland regulates the activity of all the cells in the body. It controls how quickly the body uses energy, produces protein and how sensitive the body is to other hormones. It is of vital importance to get an early diagnosis and correct treatment in order to ensure good quality of life. When the gland does not work properly, neither will you.

Stoffskifteforbundet (The Thyroid Association of Norway) is a nationwide organization working in support  of people with a thyroid disorder. Stoffskifteforbundet was founded in 1990 and is organized as an association led by a board of eight members, and is run on a daily basis by a staff of six employees. There are 32 local associations and 5 regional associations representing the major areas of Norway. Stoffskifteforbundet is a growing organization and comprises more than 7000 members.

Medical experts
Stoffskifteforbundet has access to a team of medical professionals to ensure that the information we provide is reliable and based on evidence. They are all experts in the field of thyroid disease and work to improve the standard of diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for thyroid patients.

Someone to talk to
All our local associations have volunteers dedicated to help you. They are not medically trained or employed by Stoffskifteforbundet, but are individuals who have a thyroid disorder themselves and want to help others in the same situation. You are welcome to contact them if you have questions or problems.

Phone: (+47) 22 94 10 10 from 09–11 and 12–15
E-mail: post@stoffskifte.org

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